House in San MIguel
House in San Miguel
Photo of the fountain in one of the patios
For Sale: House and lot
in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

- 2 bedroom/2 bath/1 study, all amenities
- Within walking distance of downtown
- Great views from charming rooftop patio
- $349,000 $327,000 (US) for the House only
- $60,000 $59,000 (US) next door lot only
- $409,000 $386,000 $348,000 for both
-Contact Rich McClarty, Sales Agent
-Email: rmcclarty AT gmail DOT com
-Tel, from US: 1-901-562-0844
-Cell, from US: 011-521-415-101-0843

You Have Finally Found That Dream House You've Been Looking For

House built with attention and care features handcrafted and antique beams, doors, tiles and more!

If you are considering either a home or a real estate investment in San Miguel de Allende, this house is a must-see.

This house was built from scratch in 2007, incorporating some amazing antiques by a designer-developer-antique collector.

In fact, the man who designed & built this house has been living in the house as our tenant - along with his wife. They are the nicest people, and they have been willing to take care of it and work with people interested in buying.

GET IN TOUCH WITH ME and I can put you in touch with Clint and Karen so that they can show you the house.
CNBC Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer

The Mad Money Is in Mexico?

Published: Monday, 19 Jul 2010 | 3:26 PM ET
By: Tom Brennan
Web Editor, Mad Money

“It’s not such a bad idea to diversify away” from stocks, Cramer said during Monday’s Stop Trading!, “and buy real estate.”

The Mad Money host himself just acquired three new properties in San Miguel de Allende, a popular destination for American snowbirds in central Mexico. There is “no property tax,” Cramer said, the properties are “incredibly easy to maintain,” and there are “property managers everywhere.”

“I think that out-of-favor real estate in Mexico, that’s easily accessible to Americans, represents a great buy,” Cramer said.

Critics of the investment might point to the well-publicized drug-related violence happening in Mexico, but Cramer pushed back against that line of thinking.

“Mexico is a big country and not every province, every state is involved in the drug trade,” he said. “And San Miguel has to be one of the nicest places I’ve ever been.”

Watch the video here